Tools to grow your newsletter helps you grow your newsletter through a referral and feedback platform so you can focus on creating great content.

Get feedback with one click

As a writer, you want to focus on one thing: producing great content. Ensure that you're writing content that your readers love by making it easy for them to leave feedback on your articles.

Customizable links

Customize the appearance and location of your feedback links to fit the theme of your newsletter in < 1 min per article.

Additional concrete feedback

Receive additional text-based feedback from your readers after you've captured their initial reaction.

Curated statistics

Discover what your audience wants more of by accessing in depth statistics on each of your articles.

Expand your audience

Reward your most loyal readers and reach new ones through our first-of-its-kind, integrated Substack referral program.

One click referral signups

Unlike other referral apps for Substack, it only takes one click for new readers to sign up.

Referrer dashboard

Your most loyal readers track their referral progress and redeem rewards as they hit milestones.

Automated fulfillment

Simply send us your rewards, and we'll make sure they reach your loyal readers.